Patient Identification and Engagement Platform

By precisely matching patients with relevant education and offers, our platform enables health industry clients to achieve competitively better marketing and engagement results at a lower cost.

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Integrated Across the Continuum of Care

Our patient engagement spans the heath delivery process, from pre-diagnosis through point-of-care and post-discharge, enabling stronger, longer-term patient management programs, and facilitating better data connectivity and analysis across stakeholders.

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Partnership Program for Excellence

Through investments in our own platform and partnerships that help us reach and profile motivated health consumers, we continue to strengthen our ability to identify, engage, and connect consumers with the products, services, and providers that drive better health outcomes.

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We Are Already Talking To Your Next Customers

QualityHealth is the healthcare industry’s leading performance-based marketing provider, serving clients in pharmaceutical and biotech, consumer health and wellness, health insurance, hospitals, health systems, and clinical research. Let us identify the right customers for your brand, deliver targeted marketing messages, and prompt measurable actions that maximize your return on investment.

Our Platform Guarantees Results


Our extended reach and valuable digital content attracts 100 million health consumers on a monthly basis.


100%-permission-based profiling allows us to align qualified, opted-in consumers with appropriate brand offers.


Targeted messaging activates personal, guided, action-oriented consumer experiences with your brand.


We analyze each aspect of your program to optimize impact on return on investment and customer acquisition.